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Remote Internet House Call for Repair and Training


A variety of remote services are available for home and business clients at competitive prices. One of our technicians will remotely connect to your PC and perform software repairs, installations, configure software or provide training. All you do is grant us permission and we will connect via 256 bit encryption and cure your computers ailments. Service may require initial phone or chat contact and some assistance from you on hardware installs. Payment required in advance of service. 


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Remote Support Services

1. Printer, iPod, camera, scanner, media player and palm pilot installation.


2. PC tune up includes, identifying and removing spyware, virus scan, delete temp files, clean startup files, check hard drive for errors, defrag the hard drive, update security software, removing unnecessary processes and run windows updates to help improve performance and speed.  


3. Software installation


4. Home or Home/Office WiFi setup and security. Includes configuration for 2 wireless devices and shared access to your existing printer.


5. Network device connection repair for Wi-Fi, WAN (EVDO etc.) or wired


6. Virus, Spyware, Malware and Adware removal



7. Repair of Operating System errors. (Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista)


8. Data Backup Configuration. External drive and backup software supplied at additional cost.


9. Remote Diagnostic Fee