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Answers to common questions found here. If you don't see your question please send it to Dr. Dave's team of technicians by using the Contact Us page.

Q: What do I do if the same problem that was repaired reappears within 30 days of the repair?
A: Dr. Dave's IT Support guarantees all support services for 30 days, so if you experience the same problem that was repaired we will repair it again at no extra cost.

Q: Why should I choose Dr. Dave's IT Support instead of the geeks?
A: Dr. Dave is a courteous professional and will treat all clients like a best friend. Dr. Dave provides convenience and peace of mind and will always give you an honest answer regarding the condition of your equipment. Dr. Dave does not inflate costs or add on unnecessary charges to your bill. Dr. Dave is willing to share tips and information for free that the geeks usually charge extra for. You can call Dr. Dave for a consultation anytime.

Q: How long does it take to repair most computer issues?
A: Repair times vary depending on the service provided. A wireless network installation may take from 1-2 hours and full hard drive restorations due to virus damage to the operating system may take a day or two. An ETR (estimated time of repair) will be provided to you before each service and Dr Dave will contact you if there are any unexpected delays.

Q: What areas of the U.S. does Dr. Dave support?
A: Dr. Dave currently makes Onsite Support house calls in the Kansas City metro area and handles Instant House Calls anywhere in the country and around the world.

Q: Does Dr. Dave support international computer users?
A: Dr. Dave can support international clients with the Instant House Call service. Using IM (Instant Messaging) chat or VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) software to communicate with all English speaking areas of the world.

Q: How do remote support connections work and are they secure
A: Instant House Call connections can only be made to clients with broadband Internet connections and will allow Dr. Dave and his team of technicians to actually view your computer via the Internet and control your mouse and keyboard to make repairs. All connections are done with your consent prior to a connection being made and cannot be done in the future without your authorization. Connections are made using the highest available encryption methods to prevent hackers from intercepting the connection.